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Important statues and monuments

The Ferryman

The statue of the Ferryman, artwork of sculptor Sándor Dudás (living in Csongrád, Hungary, born in Vojvodina) was initiated in September, 2006 on occasion of 500th anniversary of the act which elevated the town of Senta to Free Royal City.

Bust of Stevan Sremac

The bust of the well-known Serbian novelist, Stevan Sremac (1855–1906), work of sculptor Jelena Jovanović can be seen from 1950 on the May-fly Promenade.

Bust of Jovan Joca Vujić

Jovan Joca Vujić (1863–1934) was committed Maecenas of the Serbian art and culture at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

Bust of István Tóth

The bust of the world-wide acknowledged sculptor, István Tóth (1912–2002), who was born in Senta was set at the crossing of the Narodne Bašte (Népkert) Street and the Zlatne Grede (Szép) Street in May, 2009.

Bust of Gábor Gombos

The city-builder mayor of Senta, Gábor Gombos (1851–1894) got his bust opposite to the City Hall, at the beginning of the Post Street.


In front of the Health Centre, at the beginning of the Mihály Táncsics Street a modest monument evokes the memory of the Synagogue, which stood on that place from 1873 untill 1957.

Monument of the pole Pilots

The Monument for the Pole who died a heroic death in the Senta area on September 10, 1944 can be found at the entrance to the Narodna Bašta.The Monument erected in honor of pilots.
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