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Senta, Serbia Local Weather

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Exchange office "Fantastico HM "

Adress: Post Str. 4.

Telephon: +381/(0)24/811-051


Exchange office "Good Change"

Adress: Dr. Zoran Đinđić sétány 9.

Telephon: +381/(0)24/813-925


Exchange office "Diva"

Adress: Tornyoski  Str. 11/a

Telephon: +381/(0)63/866-0864


Exchange office "Dollar"

Adress: Kasapska bb., Tornjoski Str. 27.

Telephon: +381/(0)24/817-211, +381/(0)24/822-901


Exchange office "Vojšped 1. and 2. "

Adress: Pristanisna 1., Kasapska bb.

Telephon: +381/(0)24/827-400





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