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The Tourist Organization of Senta was founded in 2006 in order to develop and preserve the touristical values on the territory of the municipality of Senta. The Organization’s information office is placed on one of the most attractive points of the town, next to the main entrance of the City Hall. The office is dedicated to present municipality of Senta as an attractive touristi destination and also to present a compact offer for all interested visitors.

Scope of activities of the Tourist Organization of Senta:

  • providing information about the tourist attractions, local values, accommodation, restaurants and all programmes in Senta
  • planning and coordination of the development of the local tourism
  • representing and promotion of Senta on international tourism fairs
  • organization of different events and programmes
  • cooperation with all participants of the local hotel and restaurant trade
  • cooperation with other similar organizations, offices and towns
  • analization of the tourist market
  • to promote and maintain the Senta Battle Memorial Belvedere


Phone/fax: +381/(0)24/817-818

E-mail adress:


Adress: Glavni trg 1. 24400 Zenta


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